Timeline History of the World (and pipe organs, too)

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Music History

Flute (bamboo?)
Pipes of Pan
Chinese Reed Organ (Cheng)
Organs used in Roman Coleseum Games
A.D. 0
Churches boycotted usage of organs due to Roman game usage to persecute Christians
A.D. 1000
Organ "stops"
Early keyboard Manuals & Pedals
A.D. 1500
"familiar" pipe organ sound
Virgil Fox
E. Power Biggs
A.D. 2000


A.D. 1800
Tracker Action (Mechanical)
A.D. 1850
Harmonium (reed organ)
Tubular Pneumatic
A.D. 1900
Direct electric
Theatre Pipe Organs ("Mighty Wurlitzer")
Hammond (electro-mechanical; tone-wheels, drawbars)
A.D. 1950
"Keyboards" & Synthesizers
Electronic Hymnal
A.D. 2000
Robotic Organist (!)

Church Building/History

1785 Church founded
1829 Court Hill
1851 Building (third meetinghouse)
1938 Hurricane rebuilding

Organs at First Unitarian

18?? Hook ??
1855 Hook
1901 Steere III/38
1922 Cassavant IV/50
1964 Ĉolian Skinner IV/61

Organists at First Unitarian

18?? Eugene Thayer (composer, recitalist)
1850? C.C. Stearnes (composer, music store prop.)
1929: Clifford Green (insurance salesman)
1960: Richard Westenberg (full-time musician)
1962: John King (University of Mass. Music Dept.)
1975: David McKay (WPI; composer)
1985: Will Sherwood (Engineering Manager DEC(Digital Equipment Corp.))


1785: Bancroft
1827: Hill
1869: Hall
1885: Garver
1912: Slocombe
1919: Savage
1946: Walter Kring
1956: Wallace Robbins
1976: Raible
1983: Barbara Merritt

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The Reverend Tracey Robinson-Harris, Interim Minister(2013-14)
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