First Unitarian Substitute Organist Guide - Service Particulars
(*) Denotes only if there is a choir; ignore if only a solo Sunday

Pistons: Level 1 is for general service playing. Generals are reserved, with the exception: you can use Gen 8-9-10 for piston du jour;

or Levels 90-99 are for substitutes (freely use) to be used the week/month leading up - if there are multiple substitutes, you would be assigned a sub range of those levels

Item Start Cue Stop Intro Amen Comments Repertoire Registration
Prelude To end at 10:30 often the minister will cease walking around and stand at pulpit waiting     Chat time for the congregation
No one listens
Soft, meditative Anything from strings/flutes up to
prin 8' 4'
Choral Introit (*) Choir independently will sing from the center aisle   choir's pitch pipe tonic   typically no organist involvement;
Usually from aisle
(see score at end)
"... in service of all." (begin intro almost right on the word "all," don't delay)   last phrase YES quarter-note rhythm
See Score at end
  Level I: Gen 6 + mixture if large crowd
Hymns Always announced from the pulpit Sing all verses, even if text poetry is outside the staves; unless noted in program Your choice; often first and/or last phrase NO Brisk tempo!
Don't drag
We are different from most churches.
This is the most common comment about substitutes ("the hymns were too slow")

Level I: Gen 6 or 7;
can bring on reeds for last verse; fanfare ok for intro on opening hymn; varied (altered harm.) accpts for opening/ closing hymns ok;
(never for middle hymn)

if interlude btwn last two verses, build up in last line to signal something's about to happen (e.g., open shades to expose reeds)

Children's exit

A special candle is lit - a one-minute ceremony.
Then announced: Children may go to their classes: play last phrase of Grey 413 (Go Now In Peace)
Once thru, NO ROUND

Door closes after last child
Total time, usually 1 minute
    After the congregation sings 413, you can do an Improvisation usually; watch for tardy kids lagging behind and/or descending from the balcony; Can be anything, or even repeat the 413 round (as long as the congregation doesn't think you're wanting them to sing another verse) Improv or a "middle movement" of something or a soft hymn

413 congr singing:
Prin 8' or Prin 8'4'
(Gen 4 or 5)

Improv: flutes/strings;

Level I: Gen 1,2

LP Amen
"forever and ever Amen"   Chord:
attacca on top of the "Amen"
  overlap with choir's first notes, decresc. close box, reverse-arpeggio release (bass is last note released)   Choir Flute 8'
CH shades half
Offertory (or solo) Minister's sentences follow no recipe - sometimes talks for 3-4 mins       If accompanied  

If choir, Gen 1,2,3,4
if big 5,6.

Anthem (or solo) (end of reading)       If accompanied    
(*)Choral benediction ("outtroit") Minister's prayer: Amen; minister is at front of church   chord (give quickly on top of Amen so congr won't leave) usually yes     Choir Flute 8'
CH shades half
Postlude end of prayer or chor. bene. up to 5-8 mins.       Anything, typically big; can be improv. Generally Gen. 5,6,7
optional reeds

Typical Order of Service

SUNDAY May 00, 1900 10:30 A.M.

"Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try." YODA

RED - organist involvement;   BLUE do not happen if no choir or quartet


ORGAN PRELUDE     Air, from Orchestral Suite in D        J.S. Bach



CALL TO WORSHIP                                  


In the love of truth and in the spirit of Jesus
We unite for the worship of God and the service of all.


*HYMN 203 (gray)    "All Creatures of the Earth and Sky"     WILLIAMS


(Children in the 4th grade and younger, and their teachers, may go to their classes)
CHILDREN'S EXIT: GO NOW IN PEACE 413 Grey (one time through)




CHORAL AMEN (chord intro if choir is singing)

OFFERTORY    "Gigue" from Partitia No. 1 in Bb           J.S. BACH

FIRST READING        Proberbs 4:7-16, 18-21, 26-27

ANTHEM (or solo)


*HYMN 295 (gray)   "Sing Out Praises for the Journey"  WESTMINSTER ABBEY


*HYMN 302 (gray)   "Children of the Human Race"       SERVETUS


CHORAL BENEDICTION (if accompanied)


Scores for service music you'll need:

Kids' Exit: Go Now In Peace

go now in peace

Offertory preparation - ushers' traveling music NO LONGER USED - 2015 & later

Doxology near the beginning of the service


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The Reverend Tracey Robinson-Harris, Interim Minister(2013-14)
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