This Sunday's Music

Sep 26
Musicians  Patrick Chatham, cello
We welcome back Worcester's favorite cellist Patrick Chatham who will be offering haunting and soothing works accompanied by Will Sherwood. Works by Bach and other great composers.
Hear an excerpt of Patrick's mesmerizing cello beauty. https://youtu.be/LDe9yYzfHCE
YouTube live: https://youtu.be/lrmxJbB1Uow
Oct 02
DUET  Make Our Garden Grow (from Candide) - Leonard Bernstein
Anthem  Hostias (from Requiem)- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Austrian)(1756-1791)
Anthem  Lacrimosa (from Requiem)- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart(Austrian)(1756-1791)
Benediction  Closing Prayer- Norman Dello Joio(American)(1913-2007)
Oct 03
Choral Introit  Yonder Come Day- Georgia Island Spiritual
Anthem  Behold Now, Praise the Lord- Everett Titcomb(British)(1884-1969)
Offertory  Cause Us, O Lord- Ron Nelson(American)(1929-)
Anthem  Let Heavenly Music Fill This Place- Gordon Young(American)(1919-1998)
Benediction  An Irish Blessing- Jeremy Hanson
The choir continues to celebrate the new season with spectacular music. "Behold Now Praise the Lord" (Titcomb) is an uplifting traditional anthem with a bold organ accompaniment. "Let Heavenly Music Fill This Place" (Young) underscores the exuberance of choral music in our services. "Cause Us O Lord" (Nelson) with lyrics based on an ancient prayer. We conclude the service with the ever-loved "Irish Blessing"
Oct 10
Choral Introit  Yonder Come Day- Georgia Island Spiritual
Anthem  Peace Like a River- Donald Moore(American)(1910-)
Anthem  Awake My Heart- Jane Marshall(American)(1924-)
Benediction  God Be With You Till We Meet Again- Ralph Vaughan Williams(British)(1872-1958)
The choir presents two congregational favorites: "Peace Like a River" (Moore) and "Awake My Heart" (Marshall). We open the service with the Georgia Island Spiritual "Yonder Come Day" and close with the traditional "God Be With You Till We Meet Again"
Oct 17
Choral Introit  Soon Ah Will Be Done- William L. Dawson(American)(1899-1990)
Anthem  Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen(Canadian)(1934-)
Offertory  Prayer of Being- Mark Hayes(American)(1953-)
Anthem  The Battle of Jericho- Moses Hogan(American)(1957-2003)
Benediction  A Gaelic Blessing- John Rutter(British)(1945-)