court hill music festival

2018 Court Hill Music Festival

Including three interdisciplinary concerts exploring music and the arts.

The Court Hill Music Festival presents a wide variety of musical experiences for the Central Mass audiences to engage a wide range of demographics.
2018 ticket proceeds are split between Worcester's Joy of Music Program and the First U Encore Music Fund.

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In the upcoming 2018 series, three of our concerts are a part of ArtWeek Massachusetts.

Sunday May 6 CONCERT CANCELLED due to a death in the family of one of the performers.

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April 14

New England Brass Band
- The Music of New England
from John Williams to Leroy Anderson

YouTube Interview/Sample

April 20
Songs of the Parlour, Stage and
       Silver Screen

Ray Bauwens has long been thrilling audiences with music from broadway to opera across the nation. Ray and friends will be presenting a varied program of solo and ensemble favorites of the 20th Century by composers such as Noel Coward, Ivor Novello and Sigmund Romberg.
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April 21
Seele Musicale

Flights of Fancy
Seele Musicale Chamber Ensemble brings together the unique beauty and sound of individual instruments performing the baroque masterpieces. The ensemble will take the audience on a journey of audible splendor taking flights of fancy repertoire from Handel to Telemann for soprano, strings, oboe, flute, recorder, and continuo.
YouTube Performance
April 22
Echoes of the Earth:
       Celebrating Earth Sunday
A service of music and readings with the Festival Choir & soloists
Music that engages the soul
The Festival Choir, soloists, and instruments will present a wide array of reflective and satisfying repertoire
April 27


Jazz Safari

with improvisatory visual arts

Jazz Safari, from Worcester’s Joy of Music, will involve the listener in how music is improvised: demystifying the process of how musicians + creativity + instruments produce a cosmic fusion of exciting music. A local visual artist will respond to the music of the moment with live visual improvisations in various art mediums.

The musicians will demonstrate the elements of improvisatory creation and their instruments’ capabilities, and how by listening to each other, synergistic magic happens: an ephemeral moment of aural bliss. They will use musical styles and compositions from world jazz to enrich the diversity of the experience
YouTube Sample

April 29

Medwin String Quartet
      with interpretive dance

Strings Attached!
      Repertoire throughout the ages

Hear the three-dimensional live sounds of the Medwin String Quartet in their international journey of masterpieces throughout the ages and nationalities: music of Borodin, Shostakovich, Haydn, and Schubert.

During the performance, improvisatory interpretive dance will i visually enrich the musical experience.

Joining the string ensemble will be Jeff Porzio, oboe (Haydn Oboe Concerto)

April 30 

Pipes Alive! 
     Exploring the King of Instruments
Young Artist Showcase:
     Matthew Buller, organist 

The audience is encouraged to enjoy an organ pipe “petting zoo” where individuals get hands-on and wind-into experience for just what a few of those thousands of organ pipes feel and sound like that make up the King of Instruments. As a bonus one of the large wooden “pedal” pipes can be played by a large hand-operated bellows, and the sheet of vibrating air can be felt and heard as the air enters the pipe’s resonating cavity.

Listeners will marvel at the history of the pipe organ and its use in concert halls with orchestras, and in churches.

Mr. Buller will perform classical repertoire by Buxtehude, Brahms, Reger, Duruflé, and Mulet.

Just listen to how 1000s of the pipes you just tooted in the hands-on audience pipe demonstration all play together to make glorious symphonic sounds of music.

May 1
Liana Paniyeva, concert pianis
Pictures in Sound
Internationally acclaimed & award-winning Liana Paniyeva will perform Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition and other exciting concert works such as Rachmaninoff Corelli Variation op 42 and Medtner Sonata Tragica op 39 no 5
May 6


Coriolis Winds

Showcase Trios
Coriolis Winds Chamber Ensemble returns to Court Hill to present unique combinations of three instruments: clarinet(s), soprano saxophone, and bassoon. Debussy and Mozart will be contrasted with Scott Joplin and Peter Schickele (of PDQ Bach fame).


Because of the low ticket price, all ages are one price.


Highlights from 2018 Court Hill Music Festival:

YouTube Medwin Str Qt+Interpretive Dance   Picture Album     
JazzSafari+TapeArt:      Picture Album     360 Interactive Panorama   YouTube During Improvisations&Artwork
Liana Paniyeva, concert pianist:       Picture Album          YouTube Moussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition


Highlights from 2017 Court Hill Music Festival:

Imperio in Stereo: Duo Piano - Liszt Les Preludes (YouTube)