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Church Choir Covenant

Covenant of the First Unitarian Church Choir
Worcester, Massachusetts

We join this choir with a love of making beautiful music and a deep appreciation of the opportunity to provide through our music a meaningful worship experience. We value each other as friends and fellow parishioners, treasure our deep sense of community, and commit ourselves together to strive to reach our highest potential as musicians. We recognize that each of us has unique gifts as well as challenges, and that blending our diverse talents requires understanding, cooperation and commitment. We covenant to hold ourselves and one another gently and lovingly accountable to:

  • Make a genuine effort to attend all rehearsals and arrive on time with music ready, prepared to sing
  • Pay attention and strive to follow the director’s instructions, refraining from distracting conversations during rehearsals
  • Be respectful to all members of the choir and sensitive to their varying levels of musical experience
  • Be friendly, welcome new members and support all fellow singers as we learn the music together
  • Be flexible, maintain a positive attitude, and be open to a variety of musical styles
  • Strive toward excellence, to blend our voices to make the best possible ensemble sound
  • Strive to learn correct rhythms, pronunciations, and pitches, seeking help when needed
  • Respect the elements of the group experience that build a sense of community and open us to spiritual enrichment, including the sharing of joys and concerns
  • When possible, notify the director in advance when we are unable to attend performances