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First Unitarian Musical Instruments

  • Aeolian-Skinner Pipe Organ  Op.
  • Twin/Matched Steinway Model B 7′  1995 Grand Pianos
  • 2-Manual/3-rank Harpsichord (shown below)
  • 4 Pedal Timpani(not in a set: 26″, 27″ Bb-F, 30″ Eb-Bb, 31″ E-A; some are toe down/heel down to release)
  • Congas, bongos, Yamaha Digital Clavinova (on wheels)

The Bob Bennett Memorial 3-rank Harpsichord

(presented to Music Worcester and housed at First U)

Transposes down one-half step to A415 by shifting the keybed; Sw-Gt coupler; lute

Floral soundboard artwork by Isabel Carleton